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susanhwanglalala.com, relastics.bandcamp.com
Susan Hwang - vocals, shaker
Michael Lentz - bass, drums
Karen Leblanc - saw


Don’t get off too soon,
Not until that paper moon
becomes what you believe…

You’ve paid the fare
don’t get off where
you’re not wanted and ashamed to be.

Who cares if the future is fated.
The truth is overrated.
Just ride until you get what you need.

There should be nothing to hide
Everyone rides.
No wrong or rightness

If love is a light
it can shine so bright
it leaves you in blindness.

But still you’re haunted
when all you wanted
from the world was kindness.


So she's not what she seems.
So the world is mean.
So she took those boys to her bed.

So she's trying to hide
from that suicide
and that polka that won't stop in her head.

Falling with no parachute
how can a woman be destitute
when she’s got all those treasures inside.


The laws are confusing
when your mouth is watering.
What's abusing and what's being nice.

Which ones to obey?
The ones that say
ladies entertain or no dice.

What have you heard.
She’s both the cat and the bird.
For every ride there is a price.

What do swine do with pearls
like everyone in this world
the girl, she just wants to ride.





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